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The leading youth leisure facility since 2000


Kibbutz - Center for Art, Education and Culture e.V. The association develops activities to promote cultural, artistic and educational events with broad development and sees itself as an interface for the promotion and creation of activating cross-generational projects, networks, exchange, cooperation, partnership and cooperation with state and private sponsors, clubs, associations, initiatives, and free educational institutions, artists and cultural workers at national and international level. The purpose of the association is the future-oriented educational work with children, young people and their parents, as well as the strengthening of adult and senior education. 

The focus of this funding work is in the non-institutional area. In particular, the association would like to offer extracurricular, non-formal and informal education and popular education ideal, material, actual active support in the form of events, cross-sector offers for exchange and mutual learning, workshops, holiday and weekend education offers, competitions and similar campaigns.

Kibbutz - Center for Art, Education and Culture e.V. 

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53 Henri Dunant Street

40474 Dusseldorf

represented by

Anna Bondarenko





Kibbutz e.V.

DE06 3005 0110 1008 4304 39


Stadtsparkasse Dusseldorf


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