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Our programs

empower young people

volunteer service

At Kibbutz Center for Art, Culture and Education e.V. we strive to enrich the lives of young people from the Berlin community with our diverse programs. Our volunteer service teaches young people everything they need to look to the future with a critical eye and self-confidence and to make the right decisions for themselves. We are excited to be the driving force behind the development of our youth and hope to welcome you to our many programs.

fundraising committee

Since 2000 we have been contributing to the development of children in the greater Berlin area with our wide range of programs. Our fundraising committee focuses on instilling strong values in our youth and providing a place for them to expand their minds while meeting new and interesting people.

Workshop for young people

With a wide range of services, Kibbutz Center for Art, Culture and Education e.V. supports young people in the greater Berlin area so that they can develop their full potential. We care about our youth and provide them with a range of enriching programs that help to develop their identity. Our workshop for young people gives young people the chance to get involved in the community and meet new exciting faces of the city. Come by and experience it yourself!

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